About SureView

SureView works closely with our clients to provide hassel free, effective, direct mail campaigns.

Through Sureview's range of customer insight and mapping services clients gain a clear understanding of who their donors are and for acquisition campaigns, the most appropriate lists and areas to target.

To action these direct mail solutions Sureview can conduct or assist you with the targeted delivery of addressed, acquisition or unaddressed mail campaigns.

  • Alan Lawrance
    MBA, BSc, BE

How we can help

We understand the pressures faced by not-for-profits in maintaining contact with existing donors while continuing to work at finding new donors.

As part of your contact strategy it is likely that Direct Mail will play a major role. This is where Sureview can help, by working with you to ensure a hassle free, effective campaign.

Alan as the head of our Sales and Marketing has worked as the Marketing Director in a charity as well as lead teams that provide marketing solutions for the not-for-profit sector. He has over 15 years experience in targeting Direct Mail campaigns and would love to help.