Market View

To make the most of any direct marketing campaign, assess new markets or compare store performance it requires detailed information about the market in which you operate.

SureView is able to provide detailed information on what households are spending, their demographics, life-stage, financial health and the cars they tend to buy.

The information is provided at a Census District level (around 200 homes) and gives the average or dominant household characteristics within that small geographic area.

Retail Spend

Household spend on a wide range of product categories and services.

Used by retailers to determine share of wallet captured and target campaigns.



Classifies the market into 7 broad groups, 6 family classifications and 54 detailed segments.

Useful in understanding and comparing markets.


Spend on financial products

Looks at households interest in particular products & asset value.

Useful to direct marketing of Financial Planners and Insurance offers.



Demographics from the ABS census is a low cost method to gain insights into your market.

Coloured heat maps provide a useful tool to view the range of data.


Car Makes & Models

Household interest in purchasing over 120 makes and models.

Useful for car manufacturers & dealers to target advertising to drive store traffic.


Life Stage

7 Life Stages and 5 SES quintiles is a valuable way to view the market.

Useful to determine an area's interest in products and ability to purchase.